American Head Charge are a heavy industrial rock band from Minneapolis, USA.    
The opening song 'Writhe', is a wander through an intricate acoustic melody and vocals that send a shiver down your spine, as it slowly builds into a heavy, growled vocal, frenetic stomp.    
'Set Yourself On Fire' is brutal as it slams the senses with some great guitar work and a superb vocal performance.    
'Sugars Of Someday' is a foot tapping, catchy riff laden song with a much more heavy metal feel to it. 'Sand' has a darker intro, dramatic changes in tempo and vocals that swing from clean to growled. Final song is a rocking cover version of Patti Smith's 'Rock 'N' Roll Nigger'    
Overall, an impressive, if short, collection of songs that pound the senses with heavy guitars and growled vocals.

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News Was Posted on: 17th June, 2015

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