Metaprisms' - debut EP

1. Even The Lights

2. Lost In The Dark

3. Against All

For a debut offering, this is remarkably well produced, it makes a pleasant change not to hear choppy and/or flat production. These guys appear to be a very tight and talented bunch. The intro for track one has me intrigued from the start, a short industrial/tech type affair leading into a good solid beat and sweet chuggy bass licks throughout, a few changes of pace here and there and the mix of vocal styles is for the most bloody brilliant, personally not too keen on the "clean" male vocals, that be just me though, as they are well done. Musically it sounds, to my ears, like a combination of Evanescence and Pantera, add to that mix a generous portion of early Sepultura with a twist of Amon Amarth thrown in for good measure. Favourite track? I cannot single one out,they are all great. A quality release indeed. I cannot wait to see Metaprism on a UK tour, based purely on this EP. Score - 4.5 out of 5 I only have one criticism....................More tracks needed.

Review by: Sy D Eath

News Was Posted on: 15th June, 2014

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