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By Tom Breedon 

Leatherneck are a no nonsense, balls to the wall groove metal 5 piece from Castleford in the UK. These gentlemen deal exclusively in chunky riffs, colossal vocal lines, and grooves that could stop a charging Rhinoceros in it’s tracks!

The band was formed in early 2011 and big things have quickly happened for them. Following their debut EP “Dust & Memories”, the band went on to win the 2014 Yorkshire area heat of the prestigious Metal 2 The Masses battle of the bands, and with it a place at Bloodstock Open Air 2014 alongside the likes of Down, Emperor and Megadeth! Just before gracing the stage at Bloodstock, Leatherneck put out their second EP, entitled “Medusa”, and to be blunt, it’s absolutely monstrous!

The tone is set straight from the off as opening track “World Of Fire” smacks the listener in the face like a freight train with a twin rhythm guitar attack and a thunderous drum beat. Riffs, riffs and more riffs are the order of the day. Plenty of beefy, chugging riffs that progress seamlessly. The bread and butter feel Leatherneck go for is always maintained, but the raw, edgy vocals of Nic Johnson keep things fresh and the fat, thundering drums maintain such infectious grooves that it never even hints at becoming repetitive.

The pace drops a touch to start second track “Drink” as the guitars throw in some tasty harmony work before normal service is resumed by way of fist pumping riffage which is beautifully complimented by a doom/stoner feel during the chorus. The riff at the start of title track “Medusa” lets you know something huge is coming, and the song doesn’t disappoint! Probably the most infectious and catchy song on the EP, look out for a colossal chorus that you could quite easily picture tens of thousands of people chanting along with whilst punching the air!

The EP is brought to a close by the uncompromisingly rifftastic “Coyote”, which has a distinct feel of Down to it. The Down, Clutch and Alice In Chains influence is fairly evident throughout in truth, but these lads definitely do things their own way. Leatherneck takes the meat and potatoes from the bare foundations of metal, and puts an energetic twist to it, whilst turning the volume up from 11 to 11 and a half! If riffs, grooves and good time metal are your thing, you absolutely have to check out Leatherneck. A tremendous EP and I expect big things from these lads in the future. You heard it here first!

Tom’s pick of the album: Medusa

News Was Posted on: 10th August, 2014

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