Black Nevada are thrilled to announce that the new Ep will be called "Fragments" the first single from the Ep will be "Broken" and will be released on video in June. However you can catch the single on the following radio stations next week.

Monday - Insane realm Radio from 9pm
Monday - Egh Radio from 9pm
Tuesday - Zetland Fm from 9pm
Tuesday - Rock radio UK from Midnight 
Tuesday - RKC Radio from 7.20am
Tuesday - RKC Radio from 12.20pm
Tuesday - RKC Radio from 5.20 pm
Wednesday - Box Radio UK from 9pm
Wednesday - RKC Radio 2.20am
Thursday - Neueregel Radio 7pm
Thursday - First class Ticket on WLOR 9pm
Friday - My rock Radio from 10pm
Saturday - First class Ticket from on faschingwebradio
Tuesday - First class Ticket on castle fm Scotland

News Was Posted on: 30th May, 2016

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